Bristol Mercury, 25 October, 1862


MR. JOHN MARCH will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the ASHBURTON HOTEL, KELLY, CALSTOCK, in the county of Cornwall, on TUESDAY Next, the 28th October, at Three o'clock p.m. precisely (subject to such Conditions as will then be produced),
   All those recently-erected QUAYS, LIMEKILNS, Coal and other STORES, DWELLING-HOUSES, OFFICES, &c.,with an extensive River Frontage, situate at KELLY, in the parish of CALSTOCK, Cornwall, now occupied by the Tamar Coal, Manure, and General Mercantile Company (Limited), with the STEAM-ENGINE RAILWAY, PLANT, and GOOD-WILL of the said Business.
   On these Premises a large Trade in Lime and Coals is is now doing, to which Artificial Manures, timber, &c., might be added, and the returns, with adequate capital and proper management, easily trebled. The Tamar Company have, at considerable cost, constructed on an incline plane, a Railway worked by a powerful fixed Steam-engine, by which all Merchandise is conveyed from the Quays to the Top of the Hill an deposited close to the high road from Callington to Tavistock, whence it is easily drawn to the adjacent Mines, &c. The important surrounding Agricultural District, constantly requiring a supply of Artificial and other Manures; the numerous Local but still progressive Mines, with their ceaseless consumption of Coal; the comparatively hitherto unworked, but now appreciated valuable Granite Quarries on Kitt-hill and Hingston-down, the produce of which this railway is adapted to carry to the water's edge, with the probable extension of a Line of Railway from Kelly over Hingston-down to the Granite and Mineral Districts, must all tend to render this site (the only one on the River Tamar possessing the convenience of a Railway) most eligible and suited for a large and continuously increasing Mercantile Business, thus offering advantages to the Merchant or Capitalist rarely to be met with.
   The Premises are held at Moderate Dues under Lease from Lord Ashburton, and another for a Term of Sixty Years, about Fifty-six of which are unexpired.
   For viewing, apply to Mr. HENRY REYNOLDS, the Manager, on the said premises; and for further particulars to him; or to Mr. CLEVERTON, Solicitor, 8, Athenaeum-place, Plymouth (Agebt to the Crown Life Office and Royal Farmers' Fire Insurance Companies).
   Dated 9th October, 1862.