Cornwall & Devon Post, 7 November, 1885

Messrs BENNETT and MARTIN and a boy of 11 years named HIGMAN were killed and DAVIES injured at the works of Mr ROSKELLY, builder, of Albaston, when a boiler exploded.

Belfast News-letter, 4 November 1885




  PLYMOUTH, TUESDAY. -  terrible accident occurred today at the works of Mr. Rosekelly, builder of Albaston, near Calstock. Between two and three o'clock in the afternoon, while the men were at work, a boiler near the smithy exploded with such force that two men, named Bennett and Martin, and a lad of eleven years, named Higman, were killed on the spot, and another youth, named Davies, was seriously injured. The bodies of the persons killed were frightfully disfigured, so much so that when picked up they were almost beyond recognition. In the case of Bennett, his head was almost entirely blown from his body. The death of young Higman occurred under very painful circumstances, as he had only just come to the works from Gunnislake with a message from his father when the explosion occurred. So great was the force of the explosion that the roof of the smithy and the wall of the engine-room were both blown down.