East Cornwall Times, 14? September 1860

Callington Petty Sessions
Mary Jane v James Beer and William Bickle

Complainant is the wife of William Jane who, about a year ago, purchased 5 or 6 dwelling houses at Gunnislake. A person named Knight owns some of the other houses at Gunnislake, which he claims to have supplied with water arising in Jane's land. On 6th August last, complainant found the water diverted from her husband's property, to that of Knight and picked up some grass, intending therewith to change the current of the stream. Bickle, one of Knight's tenants, immediately sprang upon her and, calling Beer, another tenant of Knight, to his aid, they seized complainant, dragged her to the well and threw her head foremost into it, there being about two feet of water in the well. While in this position, they indecently drew her clothes over her head.

There followed a legal argument.

Each defendant was fined 3, and costs: in default, one month's imprisonment.