To be LET, for a term, all that spacious BUILDING, 44 by 28 feet in the clear, lately erected in the strongest possible manner, near the Weir-Pool, in the parish of Calstock, and adjoining the Bason of the Tamar Canal, and navigable from thence to Plymouth. This building is well adapted either for a corn, iron-hammer, rolling copper, or any other mill where great power is required, as the whole water of the river Tamar can be applied to the purpose of driving machinery of any description. The building is erected on four Moorstone arches, and capable of working two water wheels, of 12 feet wide and 16 to 18 feet diameter: it being situate in an extensive mining district, copper ore can b had in great abundance; coals and other articles as well as scrap iron, from Plymouth-Dock yard, can be taken by lighters, and discharged on the premises.-
A DWELLING-HOUSE, and several acres of land, convenient for the erection of Smelting-houses, or any other building, may be had on reasonable terms if required.
   For letting the same a survey will be held on Thursday the 20th April next, by twelve o'clock at noon, at the Commercial Inn, Plymouth. In the mean time the premises may be viewed, and further particulars known by applying to Jonas Morgan, Esq. Woodovis, near Tavistock; Messrs. J. & W. Collier, Plymouth; or Mr. George Cudlipp, solicitor, Tavistock.
   6th March, 1815.