The Times, 15 February 1836

Unusually profitable investment, equal to Freehold, near Plymouth.
Mr. HOOPER begs respectfully to inform the public, that he has been instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Mart, on Thursday, March 10 at 12 for 1 o' clock, a truly desirable ESTATE, consisting of 22 statute acres, or thereabouts, of excellent land, on which the proprietor has, at considerable expense, most judiciously planted upwards of 45,000 trees, chiefly of larch firs, forming one of the most thriving plantations in the neighbourhood of Plymouth, now of 11 years' growth, very healthy, and must in a few years become a property of considerable value. There are 2 cottages on the estate, which is in a ring fence, situate on Hingston-down, in the parish of Calstock, in the county of Cornwall, 12 miles from Plymouth Dockyard and about 1 mile from the river Tamar, an the whole held held under the ancient Duchy of Cornwall, subject to the trifling fine or lord's rent of 9GBP 7s. 6d. per annum, and descendible to the purchaser's heirs or assigns for ever. Mr. Hooper begs to call the attention of the capitalists to this valuable fir plantation, as it will be found on investigation to prove a most profitable, secure, and safe investment, and an opportunity that does not often occur of providing handsomely, and at but little cost, for a rising family, or of calculating with certainty in a few years of a large available addition to capital. This property partakes of the nature of an absolute reversionary property, though far preferable, inasmuch as it is at once transferable to the purchaser and his heirs and assigns for ever, and who has only to wait a few years until the timber arrives at maturity, for a certain immense return for his capital. For further particulars and cards to view apply to J. W. Shrewsbury, Esq., solicitor, 6, White Hart-court, Lombard-street; or to Mr. Hooper, 9, George-yard, Lombard-street.