West Briton, 24 February 1837


Persons who have obtained GAME CERTIFICATES

List (1) GENERAL CERTIFICATES at 3.13s.6d each

Brown, Joseph Liskeard
Caddy, James Falmouth Parish
Crease, Henry Penryn
Clemens, Richard d. Saint Keane
Cornish, James Gwennap
Fox, George Croker Falmouth
Fortescue, G. M. Boconnoc
Grigg, John Duloe
Hanna, Hesekiah Calstock
Henwood, Nehemiah Liskeard
Hosken, J.H. Cubert
Kendall, Nicholas Lanlivery
Kendall, Nicholas jun Lanlivery
Kendall, Bernard Lanlivery
Michell, Jeremiah Gwennap
Mutton, Edmund Menheniot
Pearce, Nicholas Saint Mellion
Phillpotts, Thomas, Clerk Gwennap
Sawle, W. B. Graves Saint Austell
Snell, Richard Menheniot
Symons, William Liskeard

Made up from the 31st of October, 1836, to the 21st of February, 1837

By order of the board,
Charles Presley
Stamps and Taxes Secretary


Contributed by Julia Mosman