West Briton, 9 February 1844

The following inquests have been held before Mr. GILBERT HAMLEY, Deputy Coroner:-

On Saturday last, in the parish of Calstock, on view of the body of JAMES BEDINNER, who was killed in Wh. Bedford mine. It appeared that another miner was filling a kibble. When hearing a noise as if something was
falling, he made his escape in one of the levels, and on returning again to the spot, found the poor man quite dead, having fallen several fathoms. Verdict, accidental death.

On the same day, in the same parish, on view of the body of MARY OPIE. It appeared that deceased, after her dinner, went to get some turf to place on the fire, and that she had not been gone more than two minutes, when her daughter looked out of the window and saw her mother lying on the ground quite dead. Verdict, Visitation of God.

Contributed by Isabel Harris