West Briton, 20 December 1844

CALSTOCK - The Calstock and Devonport Steam Packet Company met at this place last week, to lay down the keel of a new steamer, which is to run between Calstock and Devonport. She is to be named the "Queen;" length of keel, 64 feet; length on deck, 70 feet; breadth, 17 feet. The builder is Mr. BROOMING, of Calstock. In honor of this event flags were suspended from a number of windows, a band of music performed many favourite airs, and a large party dined together at Mitchell's Naval and Commercial Inn.

West Briton, 11 July 1845

LAUNCH - Wednesday, the 2nd instant, was the day fixed for the launch of the "Queen" steamer, for the building yard of Mr. BROOMING, at Calstock; but the unpropitious state of the weather, and other unforeseen circumstances, rendered it necessary to postpone the ceremony until the following day, when it took place in the presence of numerous spectators. The vessel was named by Lady TRELAWNY, who, on throwing the bottle of wine at the bows, said - "the Queen, of Calstock, may she prosper;" which was accompanied by hearty cheers. The "Queen" is 70 feet long, 14 feet 6 inches beam, 35 horse power, and will not draw three feet of water when her machinery and cargo are on board. She is intended to ply on the Tamar, between Devonport and Calstock, and her draught of water will admit of her taking parties to the Weir Head.

West Briton, 2 August 1850

THE "QUEEN" STEAMER. Captain David MITCHELL, who was severely scalded when the "Queen" steamer was blown up at Devonport, lingered on in excruciating pain until the 23rd ult., when death put an end to his sufferings. He was brought home to Calstock, and interred on the 24th ult.