West Briton, 11 September 1846


 On Tuesday week a fatal accident occurred on board the schooner "Velocity," OWEN JONES, Master, Carnarvon, when landing coal at Gawter Quay, Calstock. The cargo was nearly discharged, and in consequence the vessel rose so much above the level of the wharf at high tide that her discharging plank was slipping over her side, to rectify which the master and mate attempted to pull the plank more on board. While doing this the rope snapped, and the unfortunate men fell backwards into the hold with such violence that the mate's skull was fractured. He was taken on shore, to the Commercial Inn, and medical aid instantly afforded him, but so serious were the injuries he had sustained that he died within three hours after the accident.
The master was also severely hurt, his leg being broken, with other injuries, and he now lies in a precarious state. Both the men were natives of South Wales.

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