The West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser, 18 March 1853


We have received the following from Mr. Joseph HODGE, of Calstock, in reference to an account in our paper of the 4th instant, of "Cornish Wrestling in Australia:" - "Hodge's Hotel, Gunnis Lake, Calstock, March 8th, 1853.

Sir, In your valuable paper of the 4th instant, I noticed a paragraph on a wrestling match, which had taken place in South Australia, between two Englishmen, both well-known to me when in England, Hodge being my brother.
However, I must try to refute some of the statements respecting myself. Your paragraph describes them as muscular figures, but CAWRSE being younger in years than HODGE, of course had not the experience, although it is stated he three times vanquished Joseph Hodge, another good wrestler when in Cornwall. This I positively deny, as he never did vanquish me during his wrestling career in England, neither did any other man in England ever vanquish me three times during the time I placed myself on the list of Cornish wrestlers, and I am sorry that I ever placed my name on that list, for reasons I can readily explain, but which will occupy too much space in your valuable paper. In conclusion, I beg to say I have not the slightest intention of ever wrestling again, as I am much better situated; I think any man who would wish to raise his position in life, would never enter a wrestling arena. I must add that I cannot believe Hodge and Cawrse wrestled for 100; perhaps some will say the reason why J. Hodge believes that they did not play an honest match, was, because his brother was defeated; but not so, I have been informed by three respectable men, who witnessed the match that it was not an honest one. Lastly, I beg to say if any of your readers ever saw me defeated by Cawrse, taking off the other two, or any other man three times, I shall be most happy to have it explained when and where. I have written a long letter to the Adelaide Observer, which will I think satisfy persons in that colony, and no doubt some of your readers will see it six months hence. - Joseph Hodge.

Contributed by Isabel Harris