The West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser, 29 July 1853


JOHN DOWN, 37, was charged with having on the 24th of June, feloniously
stolen from the dwelling-house of Digory WARNE, in the parish of Calstock, a
half of a sheep, the property of the said Digory Warne.  Mr COLERIDGE conducted the prosecution;  Mr. COLE, the defence.  The prosecutor is a farmer and butcher.  In the afternoon of the 24th of June, the prisoner who had previously dealt with the prosecutor, bought of him some meat, which he called for in the evening.  There was at this time, a half of a sheep hanging up in the passage of Mr. Warne's house; and it was charged against the prisoner that he unhooked it and carried it away.  The cross-examination of witnesses however, appeared to throw doubt on the evidence of identity and the jury found a verdict of Acquittal.

Contributed by Isabel Harris