West Briton, 2 November 1860

Fighting to the Death on Pay-Day

At the village of Latchley, in the Parish of Calstock, and not far from Callington, two working miners, called Richard PIPER and John BODINER, have for some months been on unfriendly terms. Saturday last was a "pay-day", and at the Rising Sun public-house, in the above village, a numerous company of miners was assembled, and among the number, PIPER and BODINER. High words and angry altercation ensued, and the two men, accompanied by about 200 individuals, adjourned to a neighbouring field, where they practised pugilism with fierce and fast blows. During the fight (of nearly two hour's duration) BODINER received a fatal blow from PIPER, and only survived a few moments. The man who dealt the blow was fearfully mangled, his face being a spectacle to behold, and almost blind.