THE WEST BRITON, 18 July 1862


These extensive and important Premises (on the Tamar) comprise with Bohetherick Quays, seven Limekilns capable of burning 700 measures or 2100 imperial bushels of lime per day; a large Granary, Manure Stores, several yards for ores from mines, Coal Stores, Timber Yard, Public-house, Brewery and Malt-house, Salt Store, several Stables, Labourers' Cottages, besides an excellent Dwelling-House and Garden.

The Quays are so well situated for depth of water, that the largest vessels that trade the Tamar can lay alongside them to discharge cargoes.

A very large trade has long been carried on at these Quays, and which the river steamers passing almost daily, use for embarking passengers, &c. And the trade is from expected improvements in roads susceptible of much greater development.