THE WEST BRITON, 19 August 1864


This place is, unhappily, being visited by an uncommon decree of mortality. Our obituary contains the death of the infant son of the esteemed rector, the Rev. F. T. BATCHELOR, being the third son the rev. gentleman has lost within the last seven weeks. A miner has also recently lost four daughters. Several persons have each lost two children. A miner, named ALLEN, lost three daughters on Monday last. On the previous Saturday, they appeared all well, the eldest girl, aged 14, having that day received her pay at the mine. No less than 16 children have been buried already during the present month. During last month there were twenty-five funerals, and there have been more than 150 deaths in the parish this year, although the population is only about 7500. Such a visitation would be appalling at any time, but it is especially so on the present occasion, on account of the intense heat and the great scarcity of water. In consideration of the circumstances that the deaths have been occasioned principally by a malignant fever, the rector has very properly refused to allow the bodies to be taken into the parish church, fearing that otherwise the infection might spread among the congregation.