THE WEST BRITON, 2 March 1866


At the East Caradon and Marke Valley Mines on Monday last, three pitches at each mine were refused by the men, and the price offered not being increased, the whole of the men at both mines turned out on strike, and have not resumed work. At Drakewalls Mine, work having been refused to men connected with the newly formed society, the men in a body refused to work, and having caught one of their number who had expressed his willingness to go below, rode him on a rail through Gunnislake. For this legal proceedings have been taken. The managers of the whole of the mine in the Tavistock district and many in the Liskeard district have signed a resolution not to employ men belonging to the society.

[A miners' society had recently been formed in eastern Cornwall and Devon, with lodges in the various mining districts. Its objects included mutual help and co-operation among its members, together with the provision of charity for old, worn out or blinded miners. In certain mines near Gunnislake, men known to be members were refused work, with the result that their 'non-Union' comrades came out on strke.]