The West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser, 12 May 1887

Callington. - At the Petty Sessions, on Thursday, before Messrs. D.
Horndon, A. Coryton, and Jago Trelawney, F. Rowe and John Palmer, both
of the parish of Calstock, were summoned for being drunk on the highway,
in the said parish, and fined 10s. and 5s. and costs. - Mary Paul, of
Calstock, for a similar offence, was fined 5s. and costs. - Jabez
Glenville, of the parish of Calstock, was fined 2 10s. and costs for
driving without reins. - Albert John Jeffery and Richard Peters were
fined 2s. 6d. each and costs for playing pitch and toss on the highway
at Pensilva, St. Ive. - Henry Mortimore was fined 10s. and costs for
trespassing in pursuit of game on Cotehele Barton. - John Goodman,
Stephen Maynard, and Michael Rowse were fined 1s., 4s., and 1s., and
costs for allowing cattle to stray on the highway in the parish of

Contributed by Rita Bone Kopp