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List of Mines
& Associated Companies

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The list is based on documents held at the Cornwall Records Office. Their reference numbers are given but, because of their condition, not all documents are available for study or as photocopies.

Some of the mines had different names at different stages in their exploitation.

For a list of documents relating to Court Cases and naming the people involved, click on this link.

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Cornwall / Calstock

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Bedford Consols and Bedford Consols South - Plans MRO/R246A

Bedford Mine (mainly in Parish of Tavistock) - Plan HB/A7

Calstock Consols - MRO/R247

Calstock United - Plan MRO/R52, Inventory of machinery, letters, receipts (1855-60) STA/70/2, Registrar's and Auctioneer's Papers STA/729, Registrar's Certificates STA/729/1

Danescombe Mine - Plan AD100/26

Danescombe and Consolidated Tamar - Plan MRO/4754, underground section (1897) MRO/4754/2, surface and underground plan (1897-1905)  MRO/4754/3

Dimson Mine - Tracing of Section TL/29, Mine Reports and Accounts TL/104/20

Drakewalls Mine - Plans HB/66, HB/A29, MRO/4733, MRO/R63 and O.S. Plan HB/S32/2 (1884/1906)

Duchy Great Consols, or Cornish New - Plans MRO/955, MRO/R164A, Stannaries Documents STA/84, Tracing of Surface Plan TL/33

East Cornwall St Vincent - Stannaries Documents (1870-75) STA/294

Gunnislake Clitters - Plans HB/A42, HB/B6, MRO/R63A and MRO/2538

Gunnislake - Stannaries Documents (Day Books 1834-39) STA/115

Gunnislake East - Plan MRO/246A

Gunnislake Old - Plan MRO/R212

Hawkmoor & Hawkmoor West - Plan MRO/R310A, OS Plan TL/39

Hingston Down Consols - Plans MRO/1837 and MRO/7177, New Hingston, general papers and Letter Book STA/133, Hingston Downs Mine Papers TL/139

King Edward - Plan AD220/13

Okel Tor Mine -
Plans AD220/19, HB/A12, MRO/R68 (longitudinal section MRO/R68/1), MRO/S13, HB/12. Stannaries Documents STA/172, Cash Book (1873) STA/172/1, Papers (1860-80) STA/172/2, General Papers (1884-87, including Letter Book) STA/173

Old Gunnislake Mine - Plan HB/A12, Stannaries Documents STA/116, Disbursements (1842) STA/116/1, General Papers (1860-80) STA/116/2,  General Papers (1884-87, including Letter Book) STA/173

Prince of Wales West - Plans MRO/6461, MRO/R88

Queen, or Newton - Plans MRO/2961 and MRO/R39B

River Tamar - Plan MRO/3841

Tavy United Mines - Stannaries Documents STA/250. Minutes STA/250/1, Ledger STA/250/2, Journal STA/250/3, Cash Book STA/250/5

Trelawney Consols - Plan MRO/R190D

West Drakewalls Mine - Stannaries Documents STA/83, Letter Books (1873-1874) STA/83/1

West Harrowbarrow - Documents AD547

Wheal Arthur - Plans, AD100/6,  AD462, MRO/R126

Wheal Benny - Plan HB/66

Wheal (Huel) Edward and West Wheal (Huel) Edward - Plans (1850) AD2,  AD2/1, AD100/19-AD100/22.,OS Map TL/16/125

Wheal Fortescue - Plan HB/58

Wheal George - Plan AD100/24, 25

Wheal Maria - Plan HB/58

Wheal Williams (Huel Williams) - MRO/R397A

Wheal Zion - Plan MRO/R3A

Associated Companies

Calstock Tin and Arsenic Works (1890-91) Bank Books STA/317/1, Receipts and Accounts (1889-91) STA/707/3, Other Documents STA/700/9/1, STA/707/2, STA/707/3

King Silver & Copper Co., general papers STA/143

Sources: CROCAT  




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