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Rescued Alive

I heard upon a Tuesday morn
A very solemn sound
That Rule and Bant were both entombed
Beneath a lot of ground.

The day passed by and night came on,
But still the men were there;
And if there had been only one
We thought he'd die with fear.

Inspector soon came to the mine
And underground he went,
With Captain Rodda's noble mind
They both on good were bent.

And many hours soon passed away
When people gathered round,
To hear what the miners say
When coming from the ground.

At last the news came up, to brace,
"Both were alive and well".
A messenger was sent with haste
The grand news to tell.

Now many tears of joy were shed
When hearing of the news;
And may we all in truth be led
To serve the Lord anew.

Oh, may we to our God draw near
In Satan's darkest hour,
And know in him we have no fear,
Until on high we tower.


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