Gunnislake New Bridge
S B Wadge Postcard, date unknown

Other postcards by this Tavistock photographer are dated c. 1920.

Until the building of Brunel's railway bridge at Saltash, this was the lowest bridging point on the Tamar. Even after that it was the lowest road crossing until the Tamar Bridge was opened in 1961.

Devon Great Consols Mines (including Hawkmoor and Bedford United) were just upstream (to the right), Gunnislake is approached by a steep hill to the left.

From the Cornwall & Devon Post (Looking Back Section) first reported in June 1935,

"It has been suggested that Gunnislake Bridge should be improved, but Mr H HIGGS told Devon Roads committee in Exeter last week that this bridge was an ancient monument and it would be wicked to interfere with it. It was agreed to tell Cornwall County Council they would not consider any proposal for widening Gunnislake Bridge."

(With thanks to Di Gibbs, OPC Lawhitton, Lezant & Stokeclimsland)