River Tamar, Calstock
Valentine's Series Postcard c. 1900


Calstock view from Ashburton c.1904
Frith's Series Postcard

Much of the land along the Kelly stretch was originally owned by Lord Ashburton and leased in sections to local inhabitants, farmers and gardeners. The Earl of Mt. Edgcombe owned Cotehele Woods on the right and the farming land on the opposite bank.

Calstock, River Tamar
Peacock's Series Postcard c. 1890

This was taken before the building of the viaduct, which would be at 1 on the Calstock side. Anyone who has visited Calstock and climbed the steep flight of steps from Kelly to the station will remember them (at 2). To give another locator guide, the Rectory, Sand Lane is indicated at 3.

P.S. Alexandria at Calstock c. 1890
Pamlin Prints Postcard

This is the only vessel known to have had a serious collision with a pillar of the viaduct.